We always hear this question... "What makes your Web Hosting different from other hosting providers?"
Please spare your time to see our differences.

Squeeze as many customers as possible in a server to optimize the profit margin. Lesser user sharing and ease of customer distribution across our servers. E.g. We allocate business users in one server, personal server in another server. Guarantee maximum 80 accounts in one server only.
Hosts all emails, website and database application in one server. Your hosting account will be affected once server inaccessible. Isolate all emails and website in different server to optimize the high reliability performance.
Budgeted hardware investment. Millions on hardware and infrastructure investment.
Single point of failure everywhere. Fully redundant on connectivity and hardware.
No Redundancy Redundant Infrastructure
No 24/7 Monitoring 24/7 Network / Server Monitoring
No Daily Backup Daily Backup
House in same server for web and email service Standalone Web Server & Email Server
Admin Fee for .SG domain reservation Free Reservation for .SG domain
Share IP Dedicated IP
Less experience > 10 years' experience
Why some providers offer unlimited hosting? Unlimited Hosting is it true?

There is nothing UNLIMITED. Unlimited space usually comes with other limits stipulated in terms of use, such as a maximum of files and directories, limits or bans on the use of space to store multimedia files, video streaming, personal backups etc. There are also SLA agreements that say max CPU load or limitation to what the server can serve.

If you believe you will need a custom solution ask questions, if you truly need unlimited resources you do not need to buy from someone that offers them. Get a dedicated server and have it managed or manage it yourself, it will have limitations amount of HD space, RAM, Size of incoming connection and any network bottlenecks between you and your hosting provider. If you need more than one server in one or more data centers load balanced. That is the only way to get beyond the limitations of one server.

Why some providers offer free hosting?

You may choose free hosting plan for small hobby or personal website but don't take the risk to host your company website!

No business can afford to offer a service for free without finding a way to defray their costs. Don't be fooled by companies that offer "free hosting" only. Companies that offer free hosting use many techniques to recoup their money:

  1. Banner Advertising: These are for personal use and include annoying advertising banners along the top or sides of your page making it obvious you're on a free service. These banners are both distracting, and often lure your viewers to leave your website.
  2. Subdomain VS Your Domain: Free services often use subdomain names which THEY own and are a part of their primary name. Yourdomainname.freewebsitehosting.com is an example. These names are longer and harder to remember and are not always properly indexed by the search engines. Worst of all you have no control if they raise their prices.
  3. Mailing List Sales: Some companies offer a free webpage only if you agree to complete a "demographic" survey and to receive constant advertising (Junk Mail) offers in your email.
  4. Limited Disk Space / Bandwidth: Free services severely limit your disk space and bandwidth rendering it almost useless. Once you are established on their system, you will most likely require additional bandwidth or disk space and upgrade to their "premium" paid package.