S$4.00 / mth for 24 mth
S$4.00 / mth for 12 mth
order plan


S$20.00 / mth for 24 mth
S$20.00 / mth for 12 mth
order plan


S$2.00 / mth per user
(Min 10 users)
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  • Email Forwarding
  • Email Auto-Responders
  • Email Virus Scanning
  • Email Spam Filtering
  • Web-Based Email Access
  • 99% Uptime Guarantee
  • 24/7 Network Monitoring
  • 24/7 Email Support
  • Local Phone Support
  • Online Support (FAQ & Tutorials)
  • Singapore Data Centre

Why Choose Our Email Hosting?

Our email hosting server solution seeks to provide you with world-class reliability, an amazingly affordable price and a largely spam-free Inbox. This solution distinguishes us from other hosting companies. Our plans also allow you to have your own unique domain name, which enable your email addresses to be perceived as much more professional and sophisticated than Hotmail or Singnet email accounts. You can access your email accounts anywhere and at anytime via an email application/program or web browser.

  1. Professional Email Addresses. Leave a positive and lasting impression with memorable email addresses that match your company name.
  2. Ad-free, Affordable Email. Read your email in peace without ever having to deal with annoying, intrusive pop-up advertisements.
  3. Flexible Plan which allows you to start from one email account and upgrade to more email accounts anytime!
  4. World-Class Reliability with an impressive track record of 99% proven service uptime. We understand that time is money and that occurrences of downtime are major problems for most businesses. As such, our email hosting plan is designed to be more reliable than free web email accounts or in-house email servers.
  5. Integrated Spam and Virus Protection. Save valuable time by not having to sift through large amounts of unsolicited email.
  6. Easy Accessibility. Access your email anywhere and at any time via webmail or email clients such as Outlook, Mac Mail. Web Mail is always available from any location - home, work, Internet cafe - with any Internet-enabled device.
  7. Access Email via Mobile Devices, anytime, anywhere. With our assistance, you can access your emails through mobile devices such as iPhone, Blackberry, Samsung and other mobile devices.
  8. Supports IMAP, POP3, SMTP.
  9. Risk Free 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. Try out our email hosting plan risk-free for 30 days. If you decide that it's not the right email service for your business, you'll receive a refund.